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Preparing A Home For Sale

The decision to sell your home can be overwhelming. There is much to do in preparation to optimize the market value of your property.


Arranging a living space in desirable display requires a high degree of design expertise. As an Alumnus of The Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as a Featured Historic Home Renovator in Fairfield Magazine, Deb brings a wealth of knowledge, and the ability to stage properties in a way that accentuates each individual home’s architecture, surroundings, and unique character. There is no one-size-fits-all method.

Open House Showings

Marketing and hosting an open house is a nuanced process involving a lot of behind-the-scenes strategy and preparation. Yet, as Deb has been in the “seller” role many times herself, she prioritizes and empathizes with the toll a ready-to-show home can take on the individuals still living there. She always makes sure to take measures to alleviate the stress on your end, and to make sure that all guests are appropriate and respectful of your space.