Buying, Selling, Improving, Transforming

Deb Menich, Founder of Creative Restoration Designs, has prided herself on creating enjoyable and sustainable luxury living spaces. Her background with extensive knowledge in renewing, reusing, refurnishing, recycling, and renovating luxury residential properties is unparalleled.

For over 10 years Deb has serviced clients in Fairfield County with in-depth home design consultations and renovation management. Her passion for interior revitalization combined with a natural sense for trending color and spatial vision allows her to match clients’ personal needs and preferences with ideal living spaces.

Preparing to sell a house?

As your agent, Deb’s extensive design background and project management skills can offer complete home staging; refreshing the look and feel of your space for optimum salability. Skilled in repurposing and recycling, Deb’s techniques provide cost-effective enhancements for any area. By implementing a strategic design plan, the space will appeal to your buy demographic and maximize the home’s market potential.

Searching for a place to call home?

Individualized client requirements and personal taste are a top priority. Deb has a unique ability to match clients with living spaces perfectly tailored to individual circumstances. Utilizing years of experience with all types of properties across the country, she has an intuitive advantage when it comes to home selection. She can foresee upsides and challenges that only an experiences property professional would catch, and she has the expert eye to envision innovative designs that make the perfect home.

Looking for an investment property or renovation?

From small, key room improvements to teardown properties, building projects are Deb’s area of expertise and passion. Using her extensive background in construction technology and architectural design, she helps clients to see beyond the current structure and ultimately create a dream home. Specializing in reusing, refreshing, renewing, and revitalizing, Deb can transform ordinary spaces into luxury. She is well known in her arena for bringing building projects to completion in a time-sensitive and cost-effective manner.